Detoxify your Indoors with Air Purifying Plants for a Healthier Living

Indoor plants act as natural air purifiers that remain active 24/7. Plants are the best and natural way to produce oxygen which is a vital element of our life. Research studies by NASA shows that Indoor plants fight pollution indoors. It cleans and filters the air naturally, inexpensively and removes 90% of the toxic elements in just 24 hours.

Indoor Pollution

According to WHO, Indoor Pollution is one of the top 5 Enviromental Risk, and 4.3 million people die, yearly due to this. Indoor Pollution is 5 to 10 times more than outdoors and we spend 90% of our time Indoors.

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Indoor Plants

Research studies undertaken by NASA prove that Indoor plants are effective at improving indoor air quality by filtering the air and increasing the level of oxygen. To check NASA Listed Plants.

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Health Benefits

The Health benefits of Indoor plants are immense. It Improves productivity in office, increses the memory power of kids, reduces Sick Building Syndrome. Plants help to control humidity level indoors.

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Succulent Collection

Beautify your indoors and table tops with our Succulent Collection. The perfect gift for any occasion - birthdays, anniversary, house warming ,conferences and meetings.Different from the normal gifts, make your loved ones feel surprised with the natural gifts. We also provide different varieties of flower bouquets and flower arrangements for all occasions.

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